Debbie started helping Uncle Bill when his doctor’s office recommended her to drive him for a back injection. After two more injections, he then had back surgery and several physical therapy appointments. That’s what started a six-year friendship. Helping him twice a week, Debbie made all of his doctors’ appointments and took him to them, moved him three times, paid all of his bills, and assisted him with all his errands and many other details and phone calls for daily living.

Since my brother and I live out-of-state, she updated us regularly by phone and email. We feel certain that because of Debbie’s help, Uncle Bill was able to maintain his independence while living away from family.”

– David N., Golden, Colorado

For almost seven years, Debbie has helped us with doctor appointments, groceries, and errands. Since our daughters live out-of-state and neither of us drive, she has been a very big help to me and my husband. Debbie is our friend and it was a lucky day when we met her.

- Barbara B., San Antonio, Texas

I have found Debbie Rue to be the ideal caretaker for the following reasons: from the moment of entry she imparts such a feeling of cheerfulness which is so comforting. Her personality is both warm and crisp, matched by her efficiency. Her attention to detail is such that nothing is overlooked. When getting in or out of her comfortable car, Debbie assists me firmly, yet delicately, ensuring my safety. 

Since my vision is impaired she has also taken on clerical duties such as reading, filing, or anything else I might require. I always look forward to her coming over because I know that she will give me all the help I need. I am sure this is a quality that she shares with every client.

– Ruth A., San Antonio, Texas

We found Debbie’s ad in the San Antonio Seniors’ Guide five years ago to help us with our mom. Debbie schedules and takes Mom to most of her doctors’ appointments and helps her with shopping. My brother and I live out of town, and my sister works full-time in San Antonio, so Debbie has been a big help to our family.

- Cathy P., Houston, Texas

My mother found Helping Hand and enjoyed working with Debbie for more than five years. Debbie took her to all of her doctors’ appointments and the hair salon, bought her groceries, ran all of her errands, and helped around the house. When my mother went with her, Debbie drove my mother's car, which was nice for Mom since she didn't drive and loved her car.

Even though Mom had five children living close by, Debbie was able to help us out through the week, so when we visted her in the evenings and on weekends, it was all for pleasure.

- Amy S., San Antonio, Texas